Everyday reports of developers and builders not fulfilling their obligation to their customers and buyers is no new news. There are delays, or worse, no cashflow to continue building.

At Vaibhav Corporation Pvt. Ltd., we fulfil the promises we make. With more than 15 years in the industry, we are one of the most respected and trusted developers in Vadodara, Gujarat. We continue to live up to the high standards that we have made for ourselves and to the high standards our buyers expect from us. And these high standards are what has earned us our ISO certification.

Our aim in the market is to establish a strong bond with our customers and buyers. We wish to reach their minds and heart, because we value relations more than the deals. In a continuing endeavour to become the top builder and top developer in Vadodara and Gujarat, we continue provide exceptional customer services, and work relentlessly to build to your expectations.

Moreover, we believe in enabling the people and the buyer. In this effort, we have developed an informational and educational series that we regularly update on our Facebook page (do visit and check it out). At Vaibhav Corporation Pvt. Ltd., we believe that the process of owning your house should be as easy as to fill out an information sheet. We have prepared a checklist that will help you with this process. Send us an email on sales@vaibhavcorp.com and we will forward you a copy.

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When you search for your flat, bunglow, or infrastructure ready plots, the builder might quote different area numbers and if it is your first time in your search, then you could get confused. So this article explains the differences of carpet area, built-up area, and Super built-up area.

The carpet area is the area inside and within the walls, where you can lay ‘a carpet’. So this typically for our properties is around 40% less than the Super built-up area. The thickness of the inner and outer walls are NOT included in the carpet area.

The next logical measurement is the built-up area, which is the carpet area plus the thickness of the inner and outer walls. The formula is: Built-up area = carpet area + walls, and is outer periphery of your flat or office or bungalow is called Built-up area.

So then what is the Super Built-up area. Well, it is the area plus the proportionate area of common amenities e.g. stairs, lifts, lobby, covered parking, and other area. This is all proportionately divided among all of the unit owners. So you would need to include the number of units and the common amenities in your Super built-up area calculation.

Now you know the differences in the areas, so how can knowing that help you in your purchase. Well, if you’re concerned about the indoor living space, then you would need to ask about the carpet area, and if you’re also interested in the common areas, then you would need to ask about the Super built-up area. Buyers should compare rates on carpet area. So understand this important point to know what the prices the builder is quoting you.

You might also search online for the price of your property per sq.ft. While it might seem that two flats have the same square footage, it could be different designs where one can have one less bathroom, or a smaller room. Knowing these differences can help you narrow your search and find the right place for you. You should also demand AutoCAD drawing of property to calculate carpet area and request the builder to measure relevant areas when you visit the site.

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First, you need to thoroughly plan out your liabilities. For example, if there is one child in your family, do you want to buy a home or do you want to have a second child. There are lots of people who cannot afford a home and a second child in their present financial situation. So you need to plan everything out accordingly.

When you know what your priorities are, then you could go for pre-approval. There are lots of websites which offer these services. However, you need to know that going for a pre-approved home loan is not for every buyer. For example, banks sometimes charge a processing fee for the loan. If you go for another lender or change your mind about buying, then you will not be refunded the processing fee, which can exceed Rs. 10,000.

You also need to consider whether you can afford the down payment. Typically, lenders look at your annual income for previous years, whether you are salaried, entrepreneur, or self-employed. Also, the bank has the right to scrutinize your property and after it passes their test, then only will the money get disbursed. So you can get caught in a no-one-wins situation if the bank rejects the property you want to buy.

For all the negative things about pre-approved loans, one of the benefits is that the transaction time to complete everything before move-in is considerably reduced when you’ve got a pre-approved home loan with you. Also, the developer will take you seriously because they know you’ve done your homework and are serious about buying from them.

Some of the don’ts are the following: If a offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. So don’t get caught in investor/developer sales techniques; Don’t borrow too much, ideally it should not be more than 40% of your monthly income; If the owner is not able to produce the parent documents, then don’t go for it; If the constructions is not following developers’ plans, then that is a bad sign.

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